Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Ratings So Far

Because things are now starting to archive, here's a rundown of the rankings for the comics reviewed, from highest to lowest, and in the event of ties, most recently reviewed.

  • 8.5 Legion of Super-Heroes #92, Twilight #1, New Mutants #18
  • 8.0 Legion of Super-Heroes #305
  • 7.5 Minimum Wage #2
  • 7.0 Legion of Super-Heroes #26, Starstream #3
  • 6.0 Namor the Sub-Mariner #8
  • 3.5 Spider-Woman #5
I'm really surprised that I haven't done a 9 rating yet, and I've given thought as to what a 10 would be. I'm really trying to steer away from anything published within the last couple of years, because sometimes some distance does take away the initial emotional impact of the experience, and makes for a more academic review. There are some series that I don't have copies of individual issues of, such as Watchmen, and so, I can't review those. I am limiting myself to those comics that I actually own, so I do have a restriction on myself.

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